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July 2022: Tower Crane Assembly

Tower Crane Installation Begins


Aboveground progress could finally be seen at the Global HQ site in late July 2022, as the tower crane was installed. The crane will be used to lift construction materials as the 36-story tower is being built.

Assembling the Tower Crane


The construction crew worked hard to assemble the tower crane, which was carefully anchored into a concrete pad and balanced with counter weights.

Adding Height to the Tower Crane


As the tower construction progresses, the crane will rise one mast section at a time. This will allow the jib, or working arm, of the crane to reach any area of the 36-story tower.

Bolting Pieces Together


The Building Our Future workers assembled the crane with large, forearm-sized bolts which secure the individual pieces for this massive piece of equipment.

Crane Against the Cleveland Skyline


The already-tall crane will grow to reach impressive heights in order to accommodate the material needs for the rising structure.

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