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June, 2023: The Vision Takes Shape

Lower Development


The bottom floors of the Headquarters tower have been outfitted with windows, marking an important milestone for the construction of the building.

Moving On Up


The parking garage gained another level in June. When complete, the multi-level structure will serve Sherwin-Williams Headquarters employees.

In The Frame


The structual steel for the Sherwin-Williams pavilion has been constructed. This structure will become the "front porch" to Public Square.

Pour It On Thick


The construction team works together to ensure a level surface for the parking garage.

Through The Looking Glass


As each level of windows is installed on the Sherwin-Williams Global Headquarters, the vision for the structure comes into focus.

Concrete Delivery


Each level of the parking garage requires high volumes of concrete delivered via truck. The concrete is then poured out of an extendable arm so that it can be evenly distributed across the structure.

Making Headway


Special equipment, including this lifting mechanism, helps the workers safely guide windows in place.

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