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November 2022: An Array of Activity

Welding Safety


As the central utilities for the Research & Development facility are being installed (including mechanical hangers, duct and fire sprinkler pipes and underground electrical and plumbing infrastructure), safety remains a top priority. Here, a welder wears proper protective gear while getting the job done.

A Window of Opportunity


On November 18, 2022, windows were being installed in one wing of the Research & Development facility. Soon, the wing will be fully enclosed – a major milestone for the project.

Pillars of Strength


Amidst a light dusting of snow, the Building Our Future crew poured concrete columns in one of the Research & Development wings.

Reviewing the Plan


The highly skilled crews on the Building Our Future project are working to construct buildings that will last for generations. Here, a team takes a moment to review their plan to ensure quality and accuracy.

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