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Singapore Team Wins Corporate Sustainability Award


Two years ago, Sherwin-Williams kicked off our Next Generation of Sustainability initiative to align with our 2030 Environmental Footprint goals. As part of the initiative, the Sustainability Award was created to recognize teams taking the lead in engaging their employees to drive improvements in waste and energy reduction.


“The award honors a site that stands out for projects that tie back to our corporate sustainability goals,” said Jennifer Olsson, Sherwin-Williams Global Supply Chain Engineering Director. “We’re showcasing sustainable improvements and celebrating the progress we’re making as a Company.”


We had an impressive number of submissions in 2022, with dozens of sites sharing their sustainability stories. The sites pursued a variety of innovative and forward-thinking projects such as LED lighting installations, waste-reduction actions and air leak detection and correction.


This year’s winner, the Singapore team, engaged employees in several departments to participate in multiple sustainability projects. One such project focused on saving energy by optimizing cooling water consumption. Composed of engineering, operations and EHS employees, the team saved more than 500,000 kilowatt-hours per year by rebalancing the cooling water demand on the site’s condenser unit.


“The simplicity and creativity of their energy reduction project could potentially be done at other sites with a cooling tower,” said Olsson. Other notable projects from the site included tank wash recycling and used pallet recycling, as well as health and wellness initiatives.


“Singapore is building sustainability into their culture and getting people excited about it,” said Olsson. “They’re not just doing what’s required of them. There’s a real passion at this site and they put in a lot of team effort.”


United behind the cause, the Singapore team’s submission included the motto: “Making Mother Earth sustainable – it starts from me.” Their efforts are a true testament to their dedication to this philosophy.



This story is featured in the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Sustainability Report.