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Focus Areas


Accelerating our progress and expanding our positive impact on the world around us

Comprehensive Materiality Assessment Spotlights Focus Areas

Addressing the focus areas that are important to our Company and stakeholders is a key component of our sustainability and ESG strategy. Working with a leading global provider of sustainability services in 2019, we previously conducted a robust materiality assessment to identify, prioritize and validate the Company’s most significant environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics. We identified the following top-tier focus areas that have been incorporated into our ESG framework – Climate and Carbon; Product Stewardship; Life Cycle Assessment; Occupational Health and Safety; and Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement.


Our process included:

  • Background research from key sources across our industry peers, customers, investors and other stakeholders
  • Impact mapping of our value chain to identify key stakeholders and topic boundaries
  • Internal stakeholder interviews with executives and business unit leaders across our divisions and global teams
  • External stakeholder interviews with investors, customers, suppliers and nongovernmental organizations
  • Written source review for both internal and external evidence
  • Validation workshop with the Sustainability Steering Committee and other members of our executive team
  • Presentation of results to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and full Board of Directors


Our approach ensured a wide-ranging set of contributions, synthesized through the lens of our most significant impacts and the influence on our stakeholders. Our board, members of our executive team and subject matter experts supported the completion of this process and the implementation of further action based upon the assessment results.


We refresh our materiality assessment on a periodic basis as part of our ongoing work to drive alignment among our sustainability efforts and to reflect the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.

  1. Environmental Footprint


    Doing Our Part for the Planet


    We apply a continuous improvement approach to reducing our carbon emissions, energy consumption and waste generation while expanding our renewable energy use and decreasing the amount of waste generated by our operations.

  2. Product Blueprint


    Driving Sustainability Through Innovation


    We remain focused on enriching our Product Blueprint. Our Sustainability by Design program is a signature effort to intentionally consider sustainability attributes and life cycle thinking in our product innovation and development processes. This program enables us to evolve our products and processes to deliver and grow our “sustainably advantaged products” offering.

  3. Social Imprint


    Elevating a Culture of Safety, Inclusion and Community


    We are committed to advancing a culture of excellence that values people, inclusion and community. Our commitment is reflected in our unwavering efforts to promote the safety, health and well-being of our people; foster a culture of inclusion, diversity and equity where individual differences are celebrated; and support those in the communities where we live and work.

  4. Governance & Ethics

    Driving Broad Engagement and Appropriate Oversight


    A strong foundation of governance and ethics supports our ESG framework. Our ESG governance structure is designed to enable broad engagement and appropriate oversight across our Company.