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With Canned Water, We CAN Make a Difference


We are replacing single-use plastic water bottles with canned beverage alternatives at select locations within our headquarters building. Individual teams are also starting to replace bottled water with canned water.


The potential benefits of this change are numerous. Aluminum cans are recycled at a greater rate than single-use plastic bottles, which enhances the circularity of aluminum cans, improves energy savings and supports the recycling system. Additionally, aluminum is infinitely recyclable, which means that unlike most plastics, aluminum will not degrade even after repeated recycling.


Though switching to canned water sounds simple in concept, we knew we needed collective buy-in to facilitate a successful rollout. Ahead of the initiative’s launch, leaders from our Performance Coatings Group (PCG) Packaging Coatings division collaborated with team members responsible for purchasing decisions at the headquarters facility, as well as with the sustainability, environmental affairs and facilities teams. These individuals formed a working group to support the smooth transition to canned water.


Building awareness was the key to success. “Sustainability has been at the core of the Packaging division’s processes for years. It’s exciting to expand this core competency into other areas of Sherwin-Williams,” said Kellie Wareham, Sherwin-Williams Global Beverage Marketing Manager. “The infinitely recyclable aluminum can helps us reach our Company-wide sustainability goals and contributes to a circular economy. This initiative aligns with who we are at Sherwin-Williams.”


“I’m really proud of our team, and frankly, I’m proud of our Company,” added Joseph Campagna, Sherwin-Williams Vice President of Marketing, Global Packaging. “I feel like Sherwin-Williams is playing a central role in the broader story that’s about growth and sustainability and the value that brings to the economy and the world. And the canned water initiative demonstrates that we’re supporting the industry, not only as suppliers, but t also as consumers who are making the right choices.”



This story is featured in the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Sustainability Report.