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governance & ethics






Governance & Ethics

Ensuring Appropriate Oversight and Accountability

A strong foundation of governance and ethics supports our ESG framework. Our ESG governance structure is designed to enable broad engagement and appropriate oversight across our Company.

Leadership Commitment to Sustainability and ESG

Our ESG strategies and initiatives are monitored at various levels within the Company. Our ESG Council consists of subject matter experts from business and corporate functions and representatives of cross-functional workgroups focused on topics across our ESG framework, including climate and footprint, occupational health and safety, engagement and inclusion, product stewardship, and ESG reporting. The ESG Council oversees the development, implementation and monitoring of the Company’s key ESG metrics, targets, goals, strategies, policies and practices, as well as the assessing and addressing of trends, risks and opportunities with respect to ESG topics most significant to the Company and its stakeholders. Members of the ESG Council provide periodic updates to the ESG Steering Committee.


Our ESG Steering Committee supports alignment across the organization in overseeing the work of the ESG Council. The ESG Steering Committee is composed of members of senior management and other senior leaders across the organization, including those within the areas of global operations, legal, finance, human resources, investor relations and corporate communications, global supply chain, sustainability, environmental, health and safety, and our reportable business segments. Members of the ESG Steering Committee provide periodic updates to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), our Board of Directors and our board committees.

Board Oversight of Sustainability and ESG

At the highest level of the Company, the Board of Directors oversees various risks, with the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (Nominating Committee) assisting the board in reviewing risks relating to our key EHS and sustainability policies and strategies. These Board Committees are composed entirely of independent directors.

  • Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee supports the board in overseeing the Company’s key environmental risks (including the impacts of climate change), product stewardship, occupational health and safety, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This Committee also assists with reviewing and developing the Company’s corporate governance guidelines and practices.


  • Compensation and Management Development Committee assists the board in overseeing the Company’s key policies and strategies regarding the attraction, retention and development of talent, including inclusion, diversity and equity initiatives.  This Committee also reviews the Company’s compensation policies and practices and evaluates whether such policies and practices encourage excessive or unnecessary risk-taking.


  • Audit Committee supports the board in overseeing the Company’s enterprise risk management process and exposure to financial risks and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This Committee also reviews and discusses with management the Company’s risk exposures relating to cybersecurity and the steps management has taken to monitor and mitigate such exposures.