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Sherwin-Williams Bio-Sourced Wood Coatings Contribute to Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our Performance Coatings (PCG) Industrial Wood Coatings division launched a range of partially plant-based wood coatings in the European market in June 2022 available for furniture, kitchen cabinets, and interior and exterior building products.


Launching this product line was an opportunity for the division to expand its range of sustainable projects on a global scale, while playing a part in our journey to achieving Company sustainability goals. These waterborne coatings contain up to 40% plant-based material while providing similar performance characteristics to equivalent fossil fuel-based products.


“Sherwin-Williams is moving our business toward a sustainable future by using more plant-based coatings,” said Kenth Eriksson, Sherwin-Williams Vice President and General Manager, Industrial Wood Coatings, EMEAI. “We are confident that our plant-based offerings can inspire our customers to move toward a less carbon-intensive industry, and we will support them on that journey.”


Learn more at plantbased-woodcoatings.com.


This story is featured in the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Sustainability Report.