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Product Blueprint






Product Innovation & Stewardship

We are proud of all the good that our paints and coatings do – adding durability, longevity, aesthetic appeal and other positive impacts to architectural and industrial applications. By committing to Building in the Good, Sherwin-Williams is expanding our portfolio of “sustainably advantaged products” to benefit our business, our customers and all stakeholders.

Sustainability by Design

Innovation and continuous improvement are foundational in our product development process. We have always included consideration for making our products perform better, while being more sustainable.


Our focus has led us to formalize and expand our Sustainability by Design program, which ensures we consider sustainable attributes in every innovation and product improvement process. From initial concept through commercialization, we consider ways to make our products perform better and be more sustainable by looking at chemical formulations, product performance, manufacturing processes, health and safety, and packaging, among other areas.

Our Commitment to Product Stewardship Excellence

Our legacy of product stewardship is the foundation that enables us to pursue our Sustainability by Design and “sustainably advantaged products” programs. We are committed to delivering world-class products that are safe and effective when used as directed.


We have a proactive product stewardship strategy that guides all phases of our product development and is rooted in continuous improvement. It prioritizes recognizing and addressing the potential impacts of our products throughout their life cycle, from design and development through use and disposal and all steps in between. We assess each ingredient in a product formulation along with the combination of all ingredients in terms of human health, product safety, environmental impact, physical and chemical properties, and other information reflecting current best practices. 

Expanding Our Portfolio of ‘Sustainably Advantaged Products’

“Sustainably advantaged products” are products that achieve a level of third-party green chemistry, ecolabel recognition or can be shown to be more sustainable than the current industry norm. These products incorporate green chemistry solutions and substitutions, have reduced impact on human health and the environment, meet stringent leadership criteria or improve customer sustainability in a defined and measurable way.


We estimate that 30% of our portfolio is currently comprised of “sustainably advantaged products,” and we look to set even higher goals for the future.