Read about The Sherwin-Williams Women’s Club taking their mission global and hosting their first ever virtual, worldwide Women's Summit

The 110-year-old Sherwin-Williams Women’s Club (SWWC) took its mission global in 2021 through the planning of a virtual, worldwide Women’s Summit in June. The event’s theme, Grit, Grace and Embrace, was chosen to spark inspiration during a time of uncertainty in the world, and to embrace a common theme of empowerment. All 61,000+ employees were invited to attend three sessions over as many days, with additional networking and Q&A opportunities available to registered SWWC members.


The SWWC planning committee set meaningful goals for the event, including increasing retention and engagement of women within the organization, driving cross-divisional exposure, showcasing leadership commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity, and promoting career advancement. Topics presented during the sessions were “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work” and “Being an Ally to Women.” Keynote speakers included Kerrii Anderson, former Chief Executive Officer and President of Wendy’s International, Inc., who serves on the Sherwin-Williams Board of Directors, and Heidi Petz, who at the time was serving as the first female President of The Americas Group and in 2022 became the Company’s first female President and Chief Operating Officer.


Dani Neumann, Sherwin-Williams Product Manager, Exterior Woodcare, Consumer Brands Group and 2021 SWWC President, spoke about the importance of offering this event on a global scale. “Extending these important messages to a global audience was a key piece of delivering on the purpose of the event,” she explained. “Making this a virtual event enabled us to break down geographical barriers through the use of technology.” 


The event drew nearly 3,000 participants globally throughout the organization, and the content was offered in 10 different languages. “Planning an event of this magnitude required many individuals to get involved and share their unique talents and skills to bring together a seamless experience,” Neumann said. 


Based on the positive feedback received, the event was not only a major win for the Club, but it also delivered on its purpose and goal. “I hope that anyone who attended walked away from this experience with a better understanding of how to advocate for themselves and others, with a sense of empowerment,” Neumann concluded. “Being part of the Club has empowered me to be my best self, and the members continue to inspire me with their grit, grace and ability to embrace.”