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Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (ID&E)


Elevating a Culture of Safety, Inclusion and Community

Our employees are the foundation of our success. We believe that our employees deserve to feel valued and appreciated for who they are and the unique perspectives they bring to our workforce and workplace. For more than 155 years, our family-like culture has continued to build on the ingenuity, passions and talents of our team members.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture

At Sherwin-Williams, we welcome, appreciate and celebrate differences, and believe that inclusion has a positive impact on our people and business. We believe that fostering an inclusive culture is a moral and business imperative. This is reflected in our policies, including our Code of Conduct, and reinforced through our actions, training and approach to conducting business.


Our continuous efforts to create a supportive, welcoming environment for everyone across our global footprint are the shared responsibility of all employees. We intentionally lead with inclusion to highlight our commitment to embracing and leveraging the diversity of our global workforce. 


Learn more by downloading our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Journey or At a Glance reports below.

Our ID&E Goals

We have set the following goals to ensure we are making good on our commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion: 

  • Attract and retain more underrepresented groups into the talent pipeline
  • Increase the number of underrepresented groups in leadership roles
  • Drive employee engagement to ensure diversity of thought and experience thrives in our culture and positively influences performance
  • Foster economic inclusion and supplier diversity

Our commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) is stronger than ever. We have an intentional focus on inclusion and belonging where all employees feel seen, heard, supported, connected, and appreciated. We remain committed to attracting, developing, retaining, and progressing the very best talent to become the employer of choice for a diverse pipeline of talent.

We Are Family is a series of short videos that invite you to meet members of our global family of Sherwin-Williams employees. Our family of 64,000 employees serves as the driving force of our Company, and we are proud to share their stories from our Northeast Ohio home and from around the world. Watch here

2022 Workforce Diversity Data


underrepresented racial/ethnic groups (U.S.)


women in workforce (global)


underrepresented racial/ethnic groups in management (U.S.)


women in management (global)

We also make available our most recently filed Federal Employer Information Reports EEO-1, representing employees as of December 2022. Please note the EEO-1 report uses federally mandated job categories that are broadly applicable to U.S. companies across a variety of industries and that differ from how we categorize jobs and measure our progress. We believe the data presented above and elsewhere on our website provide a more useful and meaningful reflection of the Company’s workforce diversity as it is more tailored to our organizational structure.

Continuing Our Journey to Sustainable Growth

To help us achieve our ID&E goals, we continue to follow a strategy represented by building blocks designed to shape our approach for sustainable growth across the enterprise. The Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity leads our global strategy, drives progress toward our goals and develops initiatives to embed ID&E throughout the Company’s culture and business, with a strong commitment from leadership. Additionally, our groups and divisions support ID&E goals through specific action plans. Through this intentional approach, we continue to sustain and build on existing momentum, and believe that we continue to make progress by advancing our commitment.


Highlights of our continued efforts in striving to achieve our goals include: 

  • Connecting with more than 150 organizations, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), to attract underrepresented racial/ethnic into the talent pipeline, as well as a wide variety of organizations supporting women, individuals with disabilities and veterans;
  • Advancing our ID&E communication plan to celebrate employee stories, recognition days and months, and highlight our culture of inclusion;
  • Introducing additional training sessions for leadership teams; and
  • Engaging with more than 85 minority-owned, woman-owned and Cleveland-based small businesses as part of the project dedicated to building our new headquarters and R&D center (as of May 2023). This figure will continue to grow as the project progresses.

Commitment Starts at the Top – Learning and Growing Together

All employees, including our senior leaders, share the responsibility to create a supportive, welcoming environment across our global footprint. Each year, our senior leaders attend an ID&E education and training session. Their engagement and participation help us continue to lead with inclusion and leverage the diversity of our workforce. Similarly, leadership teams across our organization have embraced this responsibility by committing to continuous learning, engaging in open dialogue and serving as visible, vocal champions.